Caramelized Cabbage Potato Pancakes

Every Christmas Eve growing up, and a lot of other days throughout the year, Kápostás Tészta (Hungarian Caramelized Cabbage Noodles) and Potato Pancakes were featured meals leading up to the greater Christmas celebrations. We would have one for lunch and the other for dinner or one or the other, but each of them would be […]

Savoury Potato Rings

When I worked in a pub years ago, you’d find the shortest time possible to eat something. Unlike a typical restaurant where you could count on rushes of patrons during meal times, in a pub, you get wave after wave of hungry folks who needs snacks with their drinks. Oftentimes, you eat in a similar […]

Roasted Red Pepper Sour Cream Mashed Potato and Rutabaga

I rarely make a regular mashed potato. I’m always adding little things to it. It started with the idea of roasted garlic. Then came caramelized onions, other root veg like celeriac, carrot or rutabaga along with the potato and mashed. This fall it branched into things like roasted Brussels sprouts or caramelized cabbage. The most […]