Fruity Oat and Bran Muffins

I think about food a lot. And because of that, I will randomly say something when someone makes an innocuous comment. In a coffee shop, years ago, I was talking about the muffins. The person who worked there wished that the low fat muffins were softer. I open my mouth saying, “Yeah, I can do […]

Walnut Jam-Stuffed French Toast (Kifli French Toast)

Every year I make a Hungarian traditional pastry called kifli. While in Hungary kifli can be anything from a savoury pretzel-like snack to sweet stuffed crescent-shaped pastries, in my family growing up, kifli meant a sweet walnut jam stuffed pastry coated in icing sugar. Also every year, I end up with way more filling than […]

Oat Milk

Anyone who’s been in a cafe of any kind for coffee invariably hears the phrase “Do you have soy milk or almond milk?” For one reason or another people are veering away from cow’s milk: veganism, lactose problems, etc. Whatever the reason, the rise of these milk variations have risen to prominence in the last […]