Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Tarts

As the last few days before Christmas approach, I’m always trying to do more with what I have already at home. Stores are crazy busy, farmers markets are only once or twice a week here so certain things I’ll have to wait for. Upon taking stock of my freezer and pantry, I found some chocolate […]

Auntie’s Doughnuts (Fánk)

In Canada, like across North America, many towns were named after place their European settlers used to call home: London, Surrey or in the case of much of my Hungarian family, Stockholm? Wait a minute… Stockholm, Saskatchewan, Canada was actually settled initially by a handful of lovely people from Sweden, but after the influx of […]

Coffee Kifli (Hungarian Crescent Pastry)

Every Christmas, I bake a variety of items that reflect on my family’s traditions. My father’s Hungarian side contributed to a lot of our family’s food traditions. One of the more popular pastries in my family is Kifli. This crescent-shaped pastry was usually filled with a sweet walnut filling that is spiked with a lemon […]

Ginger Pudding

Every December, I buy A LOT of fresh ginger. One of the gingerbread cookie recipes that I do calls for a lot of fresh grated ginger. I figure that I can always use up any excess in stir frys or drinks. Yesterday I thought of doing a pudding. The North American concept of pudding which […]

Mézes Puszedli (Hungarian Gingerbread Cookies)

Sometimes, you realize things about your family years later. During Christmas growing up, we’d always get a box of German cookies. There was an assortment of shortbread, sugar cookies and a different looking gingerbread. My mom always made her own version of all of these, so it was somewhat unusual to have this particular box […]

Classic Cinnamon Pear Cobbler

Save Print Classic Cinnamon Pear Cobbler Recipe type: Dessert   Ingredients For the pears: 3 large pears, cored and chopped into 2cm/1″ chunks ¼ cup white sugar 1 Tbsp flour 1 tsp cinnamon For the Cinnamon Cobbler Topping: 2 cups red fife flour (or whole wheat flour) 2 Tbsp white sugar 1 Tbsp baking powder ½ […]

Kanelbullar (Swedish Cinnamon Buns)

On October 4th every year, Sweden celebrates Cinnamon Bun Day. To think that an entire nation has a day dedicated to a small sweet dessert shows the importance in their culture. Every day, Swedes have fika, or their idea of the coffee break. But don’t think it’s just sitting in a drive thru for a […]