Shaved Carrot Salad with Cranberry Coffee Dressing

One of my favourite salads is the Moroccan carrot salad. Basically, it’s a simple blend of carrots, dried fruit like dried currants and a basic dressing of lemon juice. I was pondering this while reaching in a cupboard reaching for the sugar to add to my coffee one morning and saw dried cranberries nearby. I […]

Coffee Kifli (Hungarian Crescent Pastry)

Every Christmas, I bake a variety of items that reflect on my family’s traditions. My father’s Hungarian side contributed to a lot of our family’s food traditions. One of the more popular pastries in my family is Kifli. This crescent-shaped pastry was usually filled with a sweet walnut filling that is spiked with a lemon […]

Coffee Ketchup

Besides the myriad of great caf├ęs where I live, I order my beans from a coffee roaster a few hours to the south of me, Roast Coffee and Tea. The roaster/owner Nez Hewitt is a kind, beautiful person who started in one of the farmer’s markets in Calgary. She has since moved into roasting from […]