Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Tarts

As the last few days before Christmas approach, I’m always trying to do more with what I have already at home. Stores are crazy busy, farmers markets are only once or twice a week here so certain things I’ll have to wait for. Upon taking stock of my freezer and pantry, I found some chocolate […]

Ginger Spice Cannoli-Oreos

I read a lot about food from different countries. Part of it stems from having a father from Hungary and a mother whose roots span much of Central and Eastern Europe. Being Canadian, where unique cultures are encouraged and largely celebrated also contributes to my “global mind.” I also talk to a lot of people […]

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

I have made a twist on the favourite chocolatey spread before with maple syrup and walnuts, but I thought I’d do the traditional hazelnut. Thinking that the recipe would be somewhat similar, I proceeded. Because hazelnuts have a slightly different oil content than walnuts, it required some minor adjustments, but overall it’s quite easy to […]

Maple Ginger Mocha

During Christmas baking, I invariably have a ton of fresh ginger in the house. Why? The gingerbread cookie recipe that I use from pastry chef Anna Olson has grated fresh ginger in the dough. That’s right. Killer pop from the ginger. But I usually buy too much to make sure that I have lots. This […]

Cardamom Hot Chocolate

I’ve been exploring more and more Swedish recipes and the one thing that has seeped into my everyday cooking is their use of cardamom. While I’ve always liked using it as a component of a curry spice blend, or the occasional cookie recipe, I never really added it to other things. After adding to a […]