Magyar Mac and Cheese

More and more, as I get older, I run a lot of what I eat through my dad’s Hungarian (Magyar) background. It played a large role in my food development as a kid. Usually at least a few meals a week had a traditional Hungarian element to it. A specific cabbage dish, a paprikás, a […]

Roasted Sausage and Mushroom Pizza

There are few things that set my nostalgia trigger to near blinding bliss. Roasting kolbász, or Hungarian-style smoked garlic sausage is one of these moments. Today, while shopping at the farmer’s market, I was getting some various pork products for Christmas next week: pork shoulder, ham hock (No, Ed! Not all the legs of the […]

Mushroom Eggplant Poutine

Poutine has its origins in the humble, blue collar regions of Québec. Over the years, the now classic combination of fries, spiced chicken gravy and fresh cheese curds have traversed North America. And on its travels, it has has dozens of permutations. A different sauce. A different cheese. A different root vegetable for the fries. […]

Grilled Curried Eggplant Pizza

I shop a lot at farmer’s markets. Like almost exclusively for my food. There’s a few dairy items I get from an organic grocery store, but for the most part I eat with the seasons. Being in a rather northern climate in Western Canada, the vegetable options can become roots, roots and more roots as […]

Chicken and Glazed Mushroom Pizza

Every Saturday was Pizza Night growing up. It was one of the first things I learned how to cook. It teaches you almost every skill you need in the kitchen. Working with dough, cutting meat or veggies for toppings, shredding cheese. assembling and baking. I also learned that pizza is a phenomenal way to use […]

Apple Cider Mac N Cheese

I’ve been spending the day exploring different gingerbread cookie recipes. Both from my own cultural background, Hungarian, and others. I made the traditional North American version, the Hungarian version and Swedish version. Each have unique techniques and spice variations. And each are delicious for their own reasons. This left me in the dilemma of a […]