Beef Satay Pastry

While at my neighbourhood bakery, Dutch Delicious, a few weeks ago, I was having a chat with the owner/baker Siebe Koopman. I was talking about how I do a recipe every day during Advent to honour the memory of my mother. The topic went to my sister-in-law and her Indonesian heritage. Siebe’s eyes lit up […]

Za’atar Eggplant Dip

Za’atar is a Middle Eastern blend of herbs and sesame seeds that is most commonly blended with olive oil and spread on pita dough, then baked in a hot oven. This perfect little crispy, savoury treat is a breakfast favourite. Aromatic with oregano, thyme, summer savoury and sesame seeds, it’s the perfect wake-me-up. It also […]

Savoury Potato Rings

When I worked in a pub years ago, you’d find the shortest time possible to eat something. Unlike a typical restaurant where you could count on rushes of patrons during meal times, in a pub, you get wave after wave of hungry folks who needs snacks with their drinks. Oftentimes, you eat in a similar […]

Herby Breadsticks

If you’re under 50 years old in North America, in this day and age, you’ve probably had your fair share of fast food. While those days are long behind me, it was a long transition period. You don’t go from pizza delivery to homemade chicken stock overnight. I would start by looking at certain things […]

Caramelized Onion Dip

I’ve been a little more nostalgic than usual and was struck by a flavour combination the other day when I had some caramelized onions lingering in my fridge (which is always a good idea. It can go into all kinds of things and add tons of flavour) and I needed a tasty condiment for a […]

Primetime Lime Thyme Apples

This is a beautiful way to savour the flavours of autumn and into winter with a quick glazed apple scented with thyme and tart lime. It’s great over a decadent mac and cheese, over grilled chicken or fish or as a topping for crostini. Save Print Primetime Lime Thyme Apples Recipe type: sides/apps   Ingredients 2 […]