Broken Fear

Broken Fear Finding a soul Everyone sees Accepted by all Raising our eyes Forward to find Empty skies of fall Are we holding a soul Realizing its place Flimsy grips Escape fingertips All a temporal grace Reaping the seeds Foraged blindly Empathy embraced Are we just me and you...

Beyond The Whips

Beyond The Whips Lancing electricity Tear the earth Grinding footsteps A limited berth Move to the left Lightning strikes Move to the right A mountainous hike Stagnant Quicksand steps All for a moment Beyond the whips

Weeping Midnight

Weeping Midnight Tinkle tinkle tinkle tack Raindrops fall On post midnight black Another sound pierces the night Distant suffering A dying light Echoes far But getting through Feeling pain as I were you Let the water Falling from high Cleanse you more Than from just your eyes