Algerian Mechoui Burger with Chakhchoukha

A few months ago I came up with a personal culinary research project. Explore every country on Earth with the internal filter: “How would this culture make a burger?” So I’d look for meat dishes that either use ground meat or if the culture is largely vegetarian, find flavourful non-meat alternatives and create it in […]

Za’atar Eggplant Dip

Za’atar is a Middle Eastern blend of herbs and sesame seeds that is most commonly blended with olive oil and spread on pita dough, then baked in a hot oven. This perfect little crispy, savoury treat is a breakfast favourite. Aromatic with oregano, thyme, summer savoury and sesame seeds, it’s the perfect wake-me-up. It also […]

Mushroom Eggplant Poutine

Poutine has its origins in the humble, blue collar regions of Qu├ębec. Over the years, the now classic combination of fries, spiced chicken gravy and fresh cheese curds have traversed North America. And on its travels, it has has dozens of permutations. A different sauce. A different cheese. A different root vegetable for the fries. […]

Grilled Curried Eggplant Pizza

I shop a lot at farmer’s markets. Like almost exclusively for my food. There’s a few dairy items I get from an organic grocery store, but for the most part I eat with the seasons. Being in a rather northern climate in Western Canada, the vegetable options can become roots, roots and more roots as […]

Ginger Spice Cannoli-Oreos

I read a lot about food from different countries. Part of it stems from having a father from Hungary and a mother whose roots span much of Central and Eastern Europe. Being Canadian, where unique cultures are encouraged and largely celebrated also contributes to my “global mind.” I also talk to a lot of people […]

Butter Chicken Roast Chicken Breast

Whenever I break a chicken down into component parts, I always want to do something different with the breast. Sometimes I remove the meat from the bone, cut into strips and make chicken fingers. Sometimes I’ll glaze the bone-in breast and roast it. Today I wanted to take the flavours of India and build even […]

Kazakh Manti Burger with Sabzi Piez

Manti in Kazakhstan and across much of Central Asia is a type of meaty dumpling. Oftentimes the meat is lamb, but can also be chicken or horse meat. A vegetable component can also be worked into the meat besides the flavour base of onions, salt and pepper. I thought this meaty filling would make a […]

Barley Jambalaya

A sudden drop in temperatures in December means heartier fare. A simple salad usually means a stew. A rice dish becomes a barley dish. And the flavours attached usually need to be bolder, more comforting. The classic Louisiana dish, jambalaya, has a mixed heritage in its origins. African, French, Spanish all collide to create a […]

Patty Melt

When I first heard of the idea of a patty melt, I thought it was genius. The union of a grilled cheese sandwich and a burger. While conceptually, the idea seems easy, there are small details that can ruin it. If the bread is too thin, the burger makes the whole thing floppy. If the […]