About Me

Throughout my whole life, I’ve lived with one idea in mind, “How can I better understand and connect with others?”

I have always paid very close attention to whatever anyone says in an attempt to best understand their point of view. I’d watch sports to understand those who discussed it. I’d read voraciously to understand those passionate about literature. I’d cook to be able to connect over a meal. I’d sketch, paint or sculpt to better appreciate the art around me and throughout history.

I looked to Leonardo da Vinci as an influence. He studied art, science and philosophy and saw them all as avenues to a better life. As I grew older, I tried to incorporate all of these ideas into everything I did. I excelled in art throughout high school. I studied biochemistry in University and through that whole time, my family and friends inspired me to cook and appreciate food. My dad had a glorious flower and vegetable garden. Both of my parents showed me how to cook. Whether it was an easy weeknight dinner, more elaborate weekend meals or small bites for guests, I learned from their example.

Later into my young adulthood, I had what would be considered a significant life-altering experience. I had a viral infection in my late 20s that hospitalized me for nearly two years. By the end of my hospitalization, I had a heart and kidney transplant and lost so much weight that I had bone loss and shrank in height. It changed me forever because I had to learn my limitations. My mind remained strong throughout my illness, so it’s been a struggle since to meter out my endeavours based on my physical limitations. From the outside, I look like anyone else, but because the way my heart works, I can only do so much in a given span of time. And as I age, it’s like anyone who ages, things overall slow down or become more difficult.

Life is certainly more about seeing what is important now. This site will explore all the sides of me that enrich my life and hopefully will have some place in your own. Through photos, poems, recipes and overall bits of fun, I hope thisĀ gives a greater perspective to how one person sees the world and grows and thrives along the way.