The Power List- September 28, 2015


As I explore new music each week, I somehow get on a certain theme as I go along. This week, I found myself drawn to more bass-heavy music. And of course by bass I mean the stringed electric instrument. And a couple of selections in this week’s Power List seem to have a No Doubt vibe. The frenetic female vocals lend themselves to that comparison, but the deep, thundering bass grooves give that impression as well. I think it may also have to do with my love of Faith No More in the 90s (just the 90s though, I’m not a fan of Sol Invictus. It just sounds tired).
A sub-theme that developed as I listened to more of the music was the surprise elements. Whether it was Shining’s crazy sax in the maelstrom of wild Norwegian black metal or soft piano and violin in Sad Alice Said’s dark, gothic tones, there were small parts that just captured my attention.   All of these bands showed me that growth happens through diversity. What is a surprise to someone is an expression of individuality. The final track, “Parasitic” by Psyclon Nine, on this week’s Power List exhibits this best. The abrasive androgeny of vocalist Nero Bellum has a shocking element of fear that I’ve only felt while listening to the early years of Marilyn Manson or watching a Clive Barker horror.
That pulse-quickening component is what livens us to do more. Thoughts are clearer. Ideas flow more fluidly. A renewed energy awakens where it wasn’t before. That newness tells us that creativity, in whatever form, is possible.