The Power List – September 21, 2015

With last week’s discussion of the mortality of some musical influences, I immediately came upon a whole group of great new music (to me) while looking through YouTube. Something to give me a window to the future of metal music.
From Evenoire’s flute-tinged symphonic metal to the “next generation Dream Theater” as I called them when describing it earlier this week to someone, DGM, I found a massive surge of next generation music to take me through the next decades.
Often hidden among smaller record labels in Europe or Asia, these bands thrive with an openness to something beyond the same pop that’s around everywhere. It was a breath of fresh air to find video after video on labels like Napalm (which I had known fairly well to this point) or Scarlet Records.
With a newness to the future via music, I feel a new sense of my own future. My life has been a series of transitions, some minor and some major: Moving out of my parent’s home. Parents deaths. My own health struggles that have been an almost constant struggle for the better part of the last 15 years. All of these are seemingly coming to an apex right now. A decision largely started by having this website. A place for all of the ideas that come to me. Elements of food, poetry, images and music all harmonizing into a lifestyle I’ve dubbed Tasting Peace. A moment of my own peace, one small taste at a time. Thanks to these new group of musicians, the flavours in my life have become much more vibrant!