The Depth of 512

Today is about instant opinion. It’s considered effort to understand another point of view.
Upon perusing the latest in metal music news on Blabbermouth (yes, the headlines can be a bit tabloid-y, but it’s a wealth of information on new music and news). I came upon this story about Kiss co-founder Gene Simmons essentially dismissing one of the latest singles from Lamb of God, “512.”

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The main thing that I find the most innervating about Simmons comments here or in general within the last few years is his disconnect from the reality of other music around him. This song in particular is about Lamb of God’s singer, Randy Blythe’s struggle in a Czech prison in 2012. He was charged with manslaughter when a fan was pushed from a stage at their concert two years earlier.
Thinking of the struggle of being in a solitary basement dungeon in a Czech prison for 23 hours a day, the tone and anxiety of the song “512” makes a lot of sense.
512 was Blythe’s cell number, so it was his only concrete connection during a time of depressive darkness. He spent over a month in these conditions and when all you want to do is scream, you carry that pent up rage while you try to adjust your normally civil behaviour to survive in a hostile environment.
I don’t just “listen” to music. I seek to understand the person’s emotions and thoughts behind the creation. I want to feel every level of it that I can. Metal is one of the few musical forms that give something beyond the depths of drops.

“Six bars painted across the sky…
My hands are painted red…..”