Power List – August 17, 2015

Music for me started through my bedroom wall. Listening to my older brother blaring things like Van Halen and Ted Nugent, not only through the stereo speakers, but through a guitar amplifier as he played along (Yes, my brother can play along with Eddie Van Halen, the guy is a freakin’ hidden prodigy on guitar). That shaped what my likes would be. The visceral nature of booming rock drums and bass through a wall, along with complex, melodic guitar gave me a sense that anything rock related was for me.

As I grew, I developed my own taste within the genre. The 80s varieties of rock got faster, heavier and angrier. The glam-like elements of Kiss and Van Halen grew to the angry strains of Metallica, Megadeth and Testament.

One “litmus test” so to speak on what I ended up liking was what I call the “Holy Sh*t Index.” When I’d listen to something, I’d invariably utter the phrase “Holy Sh*t!!” The first time that did it to me was the first Metallica album, “Kill Em All.”

Bands like Queensryche, Steve Vai (with Devin Townsend in his Vai project), Pantera, and all the way to the modern day with Japanese bands like Crossfaith and Wagakki Band all have elicited that same phrase at one time or another in my life.

This week’s Power List shows the latest video singles from bands either just released, about to be released or new to me that can still issue the phrase “Holy Sh*t!!” from me. The biggest surprise is Geoff Tate’s Operation Mindcrime project that he started after being fired from Queensryche after their very ugly and very public falling out. It’s good to see both sides producing great music again. Sometimes it just happens that you can’t work as a unit anymore.

Have a great week and find the Power within yourself through music or anything else!!