The Power List – August 10, 2015

After blogging for several years on mainly food related things, I hit somewhat of a wall this summer. It felt like I was doing this too much on auto-pilot. Not thinking. Just reacting. I came to a point where I had to disconnect from everything: blogging, social media, and for the most part, all interaction. I needed to find who I was and who I am.

The first step was thinking of all the things that I enjoy now and enjoyed throughout my life. In high school and university, I explored every facet of my personality: art, science, food, poetry. All of these things gave me a different kind of joy.

In recent years, I’ve focused quite heavily on food, but by giving myself the time to explore these other avenues of my personality again, I feel renewed, rejuvenated and a new triumph over life.

These songs represent this past week’s adventure…..